TanTam offers comprehensive Land and Services solutions to help you maximize the potential of your real estate investments. From land acquisition and assessment to strategic planning, infrastructure development, project management, environmental sustainability, and regulatory compliance, our expert team provides end-to-end support. We identify prime land parcels, conduct thorough assessments, and develop strategic plans tailored to unlock the full potential of your property. With a focus on sustainable development, we integrate essential infrastructure elements, ensuring vibrant and well-connected communities. Our experienced project managers oversee every detail, while our commitment to regulatory compliance and environmental sustainability guarantees a successful outcome. Partner with Tan Tam to transform raw land into valuable assets that leave a lasting impact on communities and create a brighter future.

We do not resale unless on special arrangements. Payment default and refund attract 30% deduction.

After your initial deposit,TanTam World allows a 30 days grace period for subscriber’s on installment payment plans before adding a 5% late fee penalty to your fee. Please note that a written notice that you may be late in paying your instalment is important to enjoy the 30 days grace period. Where you are in default of your installment for a period of 3 months, TanTam World is at liberty to revoke your subscription and refund your payment less 30% administrative fees.

20 Park Lane Apapa GRA, Apapa, Lagos Nigeria

Only those who make an initial deposit of 50% and beyond are qualified for refund, you are required to give the company 90 days notice to process your refunds , your refund will be made less 40% administrative charges.

Freehold (C of O can be processed)

Every month, allocation shall be communicated to every subscriber’s provided that all payments have been made in full. the payments required for allocation includes full payment for the plot (s) of land, deed of assignment, survey plan and development fee (all inclusive)

By Anambra Airport, Anambra State

A period of 3 -4 years is being envisaged by the company for infrastructural development in the estate .... subject to payment of development fee by the subscriber’s.

We strongly advise that payments should only be made to company designated accounts. TanTam World shall not be liable for any loss suffered by any client as a result of payment into unauthorized account.

All cash payments should be made to TanTam World designated bank. Cheque(s) should be issued in favor of TanTam World The company will not accept responsibility for any liability that arises as a result of breach of the above condition.

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